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Our faces are subject to a variety of elements every day, including the sun and air pollutants. For some, your home routine may be doing more harm than good depending on the process you use. Facials are just one of the steps in the journey to healthy skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin and works best when it is part of a consistent program of skin care.

Bella Essential (50 minutes)                          $95 (reg.) | $80.75 (Platinum Member)

The Bella Essential facial cleanses skin deeply and removes dead cells, extracts impurities from pores while purifying and infusing the skin with nutrients and soothing moisture.

Bella Micro (25/60 minutes)                       $100 (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)/$140 (reg.) | $119 (Platinum Member)

Designed to target and improve hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and rough skin texture. For a 25-minute session, this facial is accompanied with a hydrating mask to revitalize skin. For a 60-minute session, this facial comes with a full Bella Essential facial and a scalp and arm massage.

Bella Express (25 minutes)                            $55 (reg.) | $46.75 (Platinum Member)

This facial is ideal for clients with little free time, but still wanting to enjoy the brilliant skin benefits of a Bella Essential. The Bella Express is great for a quick pick me up. It includes a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, high-impact masque, and hydration.

Bella Ultimate (75 minutes)                                $175 (reg.) | $148.75 (Platinum Member)

Experience the combination of the benefits of a Bella Peel and the Bella Micro. The Bella Ultimate will provide dramatic results so that you can achieve your skincare goals in half the time.


Facial peels can improve the appearance and wellness of the skin. Peels efficiently treat hyper pigmentation, blemishes, and dull-looking skin. By exfoliating the layers of dead skin, facial peels unveil a more toned, even, and healthy glow.

Pumpkin                                                   $120 (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

With a high concentration of Vitamin A and high in antioxidants, pumpkin enzymes help to promote smoother and more radiant skin. Pumpkin peels are perfect for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing acne.

Cranberry                                                  $120 (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

Achieve a healthier complexion with this detoxifying peel. The cranberry enzymes will refine pores, get rid of dead cells, and refresh the skin by eliminating built-up toxins.

Red Wine                                                 $130  (reg.) | $110.50 (Platinum Member)

Ideal for mature skin, this peel boosts collagen with the elastin- improving benefits of red wine for impeccable skin. This peel firms, tones, and hydrates the skin with a blend of red wine, pomegranate and grape seed oil extract.

Margarita                                                 $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

This detoxifying and purifying peel eliminates dead skin cells and tones the skin with a delightful blend of fruit enzymes and potent natural acids for soft, luminous skin.

Aquamarine                                           $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

Discover reinvigorating wonders of the sea for radiant skin. This peel combines potent alpha-hydroxy acids with the nutrient-filled components of the ocean to firm and tone the skin. 

Vitamin C                                                  $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

This aromatic citrus-based peel polishes and brightens the skin by reducing uneven skin pigmentation. The blend of citric essential oils penetrates deeply into the skin, restoring collagen while Vitamin E protects and relieves the skin.

Noni                                                         $135  (reg.) | $114.75 (Platinum Member)

Nourish and increase your skin’s moisture with this healing and collagen-stimulating peel. A blend of papaya enzymes and other natural acids heals and moisturizes the skin while improving the skin’s elastin.


Sun Damage                                                           $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

Over-exposure to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkling. Sun-damage treatments prevent damaged skin from worsening and improve the overall health of the skin.

Acne Clearing                                                        $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

This treatment aids in removing the root causes of breakouts. A potent blend of enzymes and antioxidants deep cleanses clogged pores.

Tone & Tighten                                                      $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

This treatment diminishes large pores and fine lines with the use of pumpkin enzyme to keep skin firm and toned.

Anti-aging                                                              $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

To give a more youthful glow, anti-aging treatments focus on the rejuvenation of the skin by improving the skin’s texture and hydration.

Revitalizing                                                             $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

Give your skin a healthy glow and intensified moisture with this treatment that aims to renew dull skin, encourages cell turnover and even discoloration.

Hyperpigmentation                                               $120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

There are multiple factors that affect the overall evenness of the skin. This treatment is designed to address skin discoloration and target hyperpigmentation.


Eye treatment                                                         $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)

Eyebrow Tinting                                                      $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)


Before scheduling your appointment, please consider these tips:

  • – Hair should be at minimal of ¼ inches long
  • – Avoid excessive exposure to the sun within 24 hours
  • – Taking Ibuprofen is recommended for people sensitive to or areas extremely sensitive to hair removal.
  • – Avoid using lightening creams with acids on treatment area 2-3 days before service.
  • – If on Accutane or any other acne medication (oral or topical), please inform your service provider.

Brows                                                                       $15  (reg.) | $12.75 (Platinum Member)

Arm                                                                          $40  (reg.) | $34 (Platinum Member)

Full Leg                                                                    $60  (reg.) | $51 (Platinum Member)

Brazilian                                                                  $60  (reg.) | $51 (Platinum Member)

Chest                                                                        $60  (reg.) | $51 (Platinum Member)

Lip/Chin                                                                   $15  (reg.) | $12.75 (Platinum Member)

Half Leg                                                                    $35  (reg.) | $29.75 (Platinum Member)

Bikini                                                                        $40  (reg.) | $34 (Platinum Member)

Back                                                                          $40  (reg.) | $34 (Platinum Member)

Underarm                                                                $40  (reg.) | $34 (Platinum Member)


Bella Back Essential (25/40 minutes)            $80 (reg.) | $68 (Platinum Member)/$120  (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

Dare to bare a Bella Back. Essential care for a smooth, clear back begins with a Bella Back Facial. This treatment provides deep pore-cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, and concentrated serums to address specific skin needs.

Bella Back Peel (50 minutes)                            $150  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Enhanced with the antioxidant power of red wine and cherry enzymes, this treatment targets and improves hyperpigmentation and acne that may be found on the back.

Bella Micro Back (50 minutes)                          $150  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

The Bella Micro Back enhances the benefits of the Bella Back Essential by exfoliating and polishing the skin with fine crystals or a diamond tip wand. A Bella Micro Back improves hyperpigmentation and rough skin texture commonly found on the back.

Bella Back Ultimate (60 minutes)                      $180  (reg.) | $153 (Platinum Member)

Diminish hyperpigmentation and acne in half the time with this rejuvenating treatment. Combining the power of the Bella Back Peel, the rejuvenation of the Bella Micro Back, and the restoration of the Bella Essential Back, this treatment is designed to provide dramatic results.


Our BELLA therapies are specifically designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and balancing experience for first-time spa guests as well as our most savvy spa enthusiast.

Bella Signature (80 minutes)                              $170  (reg.) | $144.50 (Platinum Member)

Experience professional bliss with a Bella touch. Thoughtfully created for your pleasure and comfort, the Bella Signature Massage provides special attention to your body to increase a sense of calm and sooth tense muscles. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, the detoxification of a Bella Swedish, the healing properties of a Thai Ball massage and a warm, silky smooth Flaming Candle massage.

Thai Ball (50 minutes)                                 $135  (reg.) | $114.75 (Platinum Member)

Stroll the path to wellness with this healing and relaxing traditional Thai medicine massage. A Thai Herbal Compress Ball made from various dried herbs wrapped in cotton is massaged all over the body. A Thai Ball massage alleviates pain and to brings a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation.

Bella Sports (50/80 minutes)                                 $100 (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)/$123.25 (reg.) | $102 (Platinum Member)

A fit and active lifestyle sometimes lends to discomfort and soreness of the muscles. A Bella Sports massage is ideal for sport activity recovery. By applying deep pressure to the muscles, a Bella Sports massage soothes muscle tension, helps reduce fatigue, and diminishes swelling.

Bella Back Express (25 minutes)                         $45  (reg.) | $38.25 (Platinum Member)

With the use of a combination of massage techniques and customized pressure to ease tension, a Bella Back Express is designed to be a quick pick-me-up to provide relief. Areas of focus are the head, neck, shoulders & back.

Bella Reflexology (30 minutes)                             $55  (reg.) | $46.75 (Platinum Member)

Dissolve blocked energy, improve circulation and renew balance with a Bella Reflexology massage. A Bella Reflexology massage involves applying pressure to specific reflex points located on the feet that corresponds with related glands, organs and systems of the body.

Bella Bamboo (50 minutes)                               $140 (reg.) | $119 (Platinum Member) 

Drift into a place serenity as you are massaged with bamboo sticks designed specifically for this relaxing treatment. These sticks glide over muscles in all directions to relieve stress and tension.

Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi”  (50 minutes)                 $125  (reg.) | $106.25 (Platinum Member)

Stimulate the harmony between body and mind with this ancient Hawaiian renewing massage. The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a healing practice to increase physical, emotional and spiritual stability. Long, smooth and relaxing strokes increases circulation and lowers blood pressure as it balances the mind and the body.

Bella Swedish (50/80 minutes)                              $85 (reg.) | $72 .25 (Platinum Member)/$125  (reg.) | $106.25 (Platinum Member)

Ease into an overall sensation of blissful relaxation as long, fluid strokes relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. The Bella Swedish is recommended for improving flexibility, alleviating stress and encouraging detoxification of the body.

Bella Deep Tissue (50/80 minutes)                   $100 (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)/$145  (reg.) | $123.25 (Platinum Member)

A Bella Deep Tissue is true to its name. Intense and focused pressure is applied to the body to provide relief from tense, sore muscles. Great for relieving chronic tension and stress, A Bella Deep Tissue massage works deep into the layers of tissue.

Bella Stones (50/75 minutes)                                $110 (reg.) | $93.50 (Platinum Member)/$135  (reg.) | $114.75 (Platinum Member)

Be ushered into pure relaxation and relief as heated stones are combined with a deep, specialized massage to the muscles and body tissues. A Bella Stones massage is ideal for increasing blood circulation, reducing stress, and providing warm relief.

Bella Prenatal (25/40 minutes)                              $55 (reg.) | $46.75 (Platinum Member)/$100  (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)

Custom-made for expectant mothers, a Bella Prenatal massage offers delightful and calming comfort. A Bella Prenatal massage is especially designed to improve circulation, reduce edema (swelling), and provide relief from muscle cramps, backaches, and headaches.  (This therapy is not recommended in the first trimester.)

Bella Body Glow Treatment                               $50  (reg.) | $42.50 (Platinum Member)

Give your body luminous brilliance with one of our Bella Body Glow treatments. With this vigorous full-body treatment, your body is massaged and exfoliated to reveal smooth, soft, and replenished skin. Choose between our citrus-infused Grapefruit scrub, soothing Milk and Honey scrub, or our cooling and calming Coconut scrub.

BELLA BATH RITUAL (20 minutes) $55 (reg.) | $46.75 (Platinum Member)

Escape from a fast-paced, stressful world into one of pure relaxation and utter bliss. Be guided into warmth and purification as you enter to soak in an essential oil-infused bath that not only provides comfort but helps to nourish your skin. Choose between our cooling and decadent Chocolate Peppermint bath and our smooth and silky Milk and Honey bath.
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Revitalize your body with a Bella wrap treatment. A wrap is not only soothing but it is also exfoliating and replenishes your skin with hydration and nutrients.

Red Wine Wrap                                                    $100  (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)

With the powerful antioxidant properties of grapes and the potent collagen-stimulating grape seed oil, this wrap is perfect for clients who want to tone the skin.

Seaweed Wrap                                                      $100 (reg.) | $85 (Platinum Member)

Along with its detoxifying nature, seaweed also aids in removing dead skin cells and moisturizing the skin to give you a healthy glow.



Bella Chest Treatment                                           $25  (reg.) | $21.25 (Platinum Member)

Bella Express Glow Add-on                                   $25  (reg.) | $21.25 (Platinum Member)

Bella Stone Add-On                                                 $25  (reg.) | $21.25 (Platinum Member)



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Virgin Relaxer                                                      $110 & up  (reg.) | $93.50 & up (Platinum Member)

Sensitive Relaxer                                                 $80  (reg.) | $68 (Platinum Member)

Regular Relaxer                                                    $80 & up  (reg.) | $68 & up (Platinum Member)

Color-treated Relaxer                                          $85 & up  (reg.) | $72.25 & up (Platinum Member)


Moisture Treatment                                                $48  (reg.) | $40.80 (Platinum Member)

Dandruff Treatment                                                $58  (reg.) | $49.30 (Platinum Member)

Protein Treatment                                                   $70  (reg.) | $59.50 (Platinum Member)

Conditioning Treatment                                        $48  (reg.) | $40.80 (Platinum Member)

Reconstructive Treatment                                      $68  (reg.) | $57.80 (Platinum Member)


Permanent Color                                                   $80 & up  (reg.) | $68 & up (Platinum Member)

Rinse                                                                         $48  (reg.) | $40.80 (Platinum Member)

Highlights                                                                $85 & up  (reg.) | $72.25 & up (Platinum Member)

Semi-permanent Color                                         $68  (reg.) | $57.80 (Platinum Member)

Lowlights                                                                  $85 & up  (reg.) | $72.25 & up (Platinum Member)


Shampoo & Natural Blow Out                             $68  (reg.) | $57.80 (Platinum Member)

Shampoo, Cut & Style                                          $65 & up  (reg.) | $55.25 (Platinum Member)

Shampoo & Updo

Shampoo & Roller Set                                             $38 & up  (reg.) | $32.30 & up (Platinum Member)

Shampoo & Braids                                               $40 & up  (reg.) | $34 & up (Platinum Member)


Basic Weave                                                         $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Fusion                                                                   $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Seamless                                                              $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Lace Closure Pieces                                            $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Interlock                                                                $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Eurolocs                                                               $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Dominican Wrap                                                   $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)

Integration Pieces                                                $150 & up  (reg.) | $127.50 (Platinum Member)


Hand Massage                                                         $10  (reg.) | $8.50 (Platinum Member)

Hand Deep Moisture Mask                                     $10  (reg.) | $8.50 (Platinum Member)

Hand Scrub                                                              $15  (reg.) | $12.75 (Platinum Member)

Hand Treatment (10 minutes)                                $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Paraffin Wax                                                            $15  (reg.) | $12.75 (Platinum Member)

Knuckle Wax                                                            $10  (reg.) | $8.50 (Platinum Member)


Acrylic Full Set                                                        $40  (reg.) | $34 (Platinum Member)

Gel Full Set                                                              $65  (reg.) | $55.25 (Platinum Member)

French Back Fill                                                      $35  (reg.) | $29.75 (Platinum Member)

Nail Repair                                                               $8  (reg.) | $6.80 (Platinum Member)

Gel Removal                                                            $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)

Gel Polish Change                                               $35  (reg.) | $29.75 (Platinum Member) 

French Full Set                                                        $55  (reg.) | $46.75 (Platinum Member)

Acrylic Fill                                                               $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Gel Fill                                                                      $40  (reg.) | $35 (Platinum Member)

Acrylic Removal                                                       $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)

Polish Change                                                         $10  (reg.) | $8.50 (Platinum Member)

Nail Design                                                              $5 & up  (reg.) | $4.25 & up (Platinum Member)


Spa                                                                            $25  (reg.) | $21.25 (Platinum Member)

Gel                                                                            $50  (reg.) | $42.50 (Platinum Member)

Milk                                                                           $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Hot Stones                                                              $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

French                                                                      $28  (reg.) | $23.80 (Platinum Member)

Martini                                                                      $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Peppermint                                                              $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Coconut                                                                   $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)


Foot Massage                                                          $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Foot Scrub                                                               $30  (reg.) | $25.50 (Platinum Member)

Sexy toes                                                                  $16  (reg.) | $13.60 (Platinum Member)

Deep Moisture Mask                                               $15  (reg.) | $12.75 (Platinum Member)

Paraffin Wax                                                             $15  (reg.) | $1.275 (Platinum Member)


Polish Change                                                         $10  (reg.) | $8.50 (Platinum Member)

Gel Polish Change                                                  $35  (reg.) | $29.75 (Platinum Member)


Spa                                                                            $45  (reg.) | $38.25 (Platinum Member)

Gel                                                                            $65  (reg.) | $55.25 (Platinum Member)

Milk Bath                                                                  $75  (reg.) | $63.75 (Platinum Member)

Hot Stones                                                               $75  (reg.) | $63.75 (Platinum Member)

Bella Men                                                                 $65  (reg.) | $55.25 (Platinum Member)

French                                                                      $73  (reg.) | $62.05 (Platinum Member)

Martini                                                                      $75  (reg.) | $63.75 (Platinum Member)

Peppermint                                                              $75  (reg.) | $63.75 (Platinum Member)

Coconut                                                                   $75  (reg.) | $63.75 (Platinum Member)


Brow Threading                        $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)

Lip/Chin Threading                      $20  (reg.) | $17 (Platinum Member)

Full Face Threading                             $65  (reg.) | $55.25 (Platinum Member)

Lipo-Light Body Sculpting System

Lipo Light advanced slimming and toning technology is the latest treatment for non-invasive body contouring. Completely safe and hygienic Lipo-light delivers effective results in just one treatment. You will be able to naturally slim, shape and tone the areas of the body you want including those difficult to reach waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and arm areas… virtually anywhere.

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